About company

About Milkeffekt

Milkeffekt is the Czech company from the east of the Czech Republic, located in the small town called Trinec.
It produces the traditional cheese products and other cheese delicacies. The highland cheese production and its unique prescription are unrivalled because of its long-standing tradition.
Customers who want to taste something exceptional and special can review these products and will enjoy their selection and unique tasty experience.
All of the company production is handmade anyway the company holds the IFS certificate in the highest level and exports around the whole world. The whole production is possible to part to 3 main streams.

About products

The first line includes the traditional scalded cheese products as “Korbacik”, “Cop”, “Parenicka”, “Pletynka” which are the traditional products for the region where the company is located.
The second line includes the Mr. Grill Janosik cheese – smoked version, which is the special cheese for grilling, baking on the pan or in the oven. Heated Mr. Grill Janosik cheese smells divine, people in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia love it and that is the reason why it is one of our TOP products.
The last stream of production is the line of Marinated cheese. It includes a lot of cheese variations which are coated with special blends of spices. They are then subjected to maturation in a marinade of vegetable oil, olives, chili and other ingredients.


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